Will's Testimonials


My children & I have been treated by Will for a number of years. My mother was also treated by Will in the last few years if her life, she said that Will extended her life with his treatment of her cancer. The holistic approach Will uses is great.

He is the first port of call if any of the family are ill or in pain, and we only go to the Doctor if absolutely necessary.

I don't hesitate to recommend Will to everyone I meet.

Janette Morton, Porirua


I would just like to thank Will for all his help.   I have being going to Will with my family since they were babies, my eldest is now 21.  Will is amazing, my husband who thought Will’s methods were ‘airey fairy’ now thinks Will has magic hands.  Will can fix a back with just talking to the body! Amazing!

Will has helped my daughter when she had  braces to help the realignment of her jaw move smoothly, she now has beautiful teeth and no more headaches.  My other daughter plays golf and occasionally her back is painful, she sees Will and its back to normal.

Will is our life saver!  Thank you.

The Bura Family,  Otaki


I have been coming to Wellington Osteopaths for 2 to 3 years.

Being a business owner is stressful. Aches and pains can be common.  

I was sceptical at first, but have come to realise Will is amazing.  He helps me with my body, and mind. I am lucky to be a client.  Will is great at helping me understand what I am going through, in life, on a daily level.

I will be returning to Wellington Osteopaths for the foreseeable future.

Ari Chait,  Wellington


Will Aitken combines his practices to help me work through all sorts of problems. I have been seeing him regularly for over a year since I got glandular fever and had very poor liver function and I feel strongly that his treatment helped me recover much more quickly. He also treats my really bad lower back pain to help me carry on with daily life, including lugging around and keeping up with my two young children. Will treated my three year old son Tommy when the Doctor said he needed grommets and we never had to get the grommets!

If you are sick of being sick and/or tired I highly recommend that you give them a go. 

Lizzy Brow,  Karori


When no one else can help, Will can.  He has extensive training and knowledge in a number of modalities to complement his osteopathy treatments and I always feel confident that Will will get to the bottom of whatever is going on.  His down-to-earth nature makes treatments relaxed and enjoyable and I would not hesitate to send anyone his way!

Saskia Scaddan,  Wellington


Will has a genuine passion and interest in his work and this is evident in his care for my health and wellbeing.

Due to his interest in patient recovery and the human body, Will  has an amazing span of knowledge and networks which enables him to suggest options for you to consider, that will allow you the best opportunity for recovery. 

Laurna Munro, Wellington


I was recommended Will through an Acupuncturist, who has worked closely with Will in the past.  Will is quite different to any other Osteopath I have met.  He does muscle testing (applied Keniesiology) and this is a very interesting form of diagnosis. 

He found that old injuries had lead to my frozen shoulder, not just simply my violin playing.  He also visited other previous injuries and will recommend such things as simply building up one shoe with very cheap shoe (sole) inners if, like me, you have one foot shorter than the other!  He also looks at the body holistically, and as he is also a naturopath he will look at food and other allergies and treats chest infections, ear infections and common viruses.  When I complained of severe stomach cramping and IBS he tested me up and suggested I was wheat intolerant.  Within a few days of going gluten free (although I can tolerate oats and rye) my symptoms abated.  I also lost around 7kg over a few months because the bloating ceased.  This aspect of treatment is truly amazing and has changed my life considerably.  He has also helped with my recently discovered heart issue (supra ventricular tachycardia).

Will is very empathetic, listens carefully to what you tell him and is very perceptive and quick with suggesting where the problem lies.   

Once Will has done the “overhaul” on one’s health it would be beneficial to go for a “maintenance” treatment to keep problems at bay.  

What stands out with the natural medicine providers at Wellington Osteopaths is their ability to look at the body as a whole, and link different conditions together.  They seem to get to the bottom of issues rather than just treating the symptoms.

Kim New - Karori, Wellington